5 lingerie mistakes women in India make!

Posted on Feb 3 2015 - 10:21am by Lingerie Lover

edit1_37When it comes to buying lingerie in India, it is a territory so unexplored and dangerous that women tend to just go to the nearest store and pick up the easiest items. The stores in turn hold boring items with no variety and are happy with it. Sex is a taboo. Underwear is a taboo. Talking about your choices is a taboo. As a woman, you do not need to explore your sexuality. Here are some basic mistakes women in India make while buying lingerie. But then again, are these personal issues or a social problem?

  1. Women never tend to openly discuss their bra size while buying bras. It is like a big taboo telling the counter salesperson that you need a double D or larges cup size. And then funnily enough, at local stores, the people manning lingerie sections are usually scrawny 20 something men making it even more awkward.
  2. The band size and the bra size are always different. Something women in India never tend to notice. As they grow up, their only lingerie guide comes down from their mothers and grandmothers who are happy with any piece of cotton to wrap around their breasts. Forget looking for any kind of special designs, a bra has is any cloth that covers the breasts. Simple.
  3. Lingerie = underwear. Anything beyond that will garner strange looks from people around you. Try looking for a pair of thongs in the Indian market and you will shot down with weird and awkward questions and dirty judgemental looks. As a result Indian women do not look for comfort with their lingerie but look for basic simple items.
  4. Indian women need to understand the difference between the many types of lingerie on offer. They are not for show but serve a purpose. A full cup for the amply blessed, cotton straps for a firmer hold, a push up bra for a better cleavage, underwire, non wired, padded etc. They need to experiment and find the best fit.54208362MM006_Textile

Sex is a major taboo. Always ashamed of buying anything that is remotely sexy, Indian women tend to lose themselves in the jungle of simple mommy underpants and large bras. Adding to the misery of an intrepid lingerie shopper are the salespersons and aunties manning such stores that do not have a person decent enough to ask questions too.

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