A woman’s underwear drawer costs three times more than a man’s!

Posted on Feb 22 2013 - 4:42pm by Lingerie Lover

It might interest you to know that on an average, a woman’s knicker drawer holds a jaw dropping £836 worth of lingerie, whereas, the price of a man’s underwear drawer is a cheaper £274, reveals a research done by Debenhams, an international multi-channel brand.

Lingerie is no more a product which is used just to cover your body, people actually like to invest in fancy and sensuous lingerie. The research also reveals that women own an average of 42 pairs of knickers – a whopping 31 of these are ‘special’ knickers versus 11 pairs of ‘everyday’ undies. Men on the other hand have a measly three pairs of ‘posh pants’ and 10 casual pairs in their underwear drawer

Where on one hand women prefer French knickers, risqué thongs and pants with a black lacy designer thong topping their luxury list, men are content with well-fitting designer trunks to channel the David Beckham prince- in-pants look.


Men’s top ‘pant priority’ is often to look good, while however, women think that ‘feeling’ good makes a bigger difference. A huge 92% of women asked, said that they feel sexier and more confident when wearing a matching set of lingerie with a designer tag.

Until the end of the 18th century women went knickerless, whereas men wore stylish undergarments. But thanks to fashion, lingerie became more decorative and the Victorians encouraged more luxurious underwear using nicer materials such as silk and so women began to wear underwear in similar styles as men’s undergarments.

This is how much people spend on lingerie abroad, how much money do you think is worth being spent on something as essential and fun as lingerie.

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