Are You Wearing The Right Bra?

Posted on Feb 21 2013 - 4:37pm by Lingerie Lover

We’ve heard over and over again that every 8 women out of 10 are wearing the wrong bra. But all of us like to think that we are one of those unique two who wear the right size fit. There is a higher chance that you are actually wearing the wrong bra. Somewhere down the line you yourself may know that it is a misfit. To help you out of your quandary, Unhooked lists a few indications to help you know which bras to avoid wearing:

1. Band slides up your back
bra backThe band should be resting firmly against the mid portion of your back. The band sliding up it, is an indication that it is too loose. It could mean that your bra is too big for you or that the elasticity of the band has been lost. When you wear a new bra, make sure the clasp is hooked to the last hook eyes so that you have space to tighten it as it gets looser with wear and tear.

2. The shoulder straps keep sliding off or dig into your skin
bra strapNormally, the side straps provide only 10% of support while the rest 90% should come from the band. Though the strap is adjusted according to the height of a person it shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. The strap sliding off, other than being embarrassing, is a sign that it is the wrong fit. Likewise, a bra strap that is too tight and digs into your skin is also a wrong fit. To fix this, try adjusting the bra strap, if not, try either a bigger cup size (if the strap is too tight) or a smaller cup size (if the strap is too loose).

3. The center of the bra does not touch your ribcage
bra centerWhen the center of the bra is suspended between both breasts it’s a sure thing that it’s a wrong fit. The center band on the bra should always be resting against your rib cage. It protrudes only if you are wearing a size smaller than you should. Try moving a size higher by either going up a cup size or going up the band size.

4. Having your breasts spill out of the cup
ill fitting braThis is very common among a majority of women and very often goes unnoticed or without taking action. This called the uni boob or quad boob syndrome, where your breasts either spill out of the cup looking like you have four breasts, or are pressed together so tight that its looks like a single breast. Breast tissue could also be hanging out at the armpit. This is because of the wrong cup size. It definitely calls for an increase in cup size.

5. The wires of the bra sit over your breast tissue
bra wiresThe wires of the bra should always be below the soft breast tissue. It must give support from below the breast. When the wire squishes the breast tissue it can cause pain and breast problems in the long run. This again implies that you will require a bigger size.

We hope that with these indications, you find yourself a right fit that helps you feel comfortable, as well as keeps you safe. Unhooked will help you pick the right bra in the upcoming post… so stay Hooked!

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