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Posted on May 14 2013 - 5:18pm by Lingerie Lover

One of the best outfits for the season wherein most of you people will be crashing the coastal areas, this is a must have. Considering that in India, bikinis are considered as too loud, there are various other ways you can dress up for the beach looking sexy yet subtle.


The tankinis are a distorted version of the one piece swim suit which has been cut out into two pieces. The upper part is that of a tank top with a cleavage off cut whereas the lower part covers the groin and buttocks like a boy short panty. The difference in this particular swimwear is the gap left between the upper and the lower section. People with that flat rolled in tummy can definitely flaunt it off with their razor sharp hip bones. Tankini is a wear which looks great on any body type or shape; thus the fashion still in.


The monokinis are the alluring swimwear that have been designed in a way that the top remains nude and the groin and buttocks are covered with a bikini panty. These are for the nice, easy swim when one just wants to relax comfortably. This is the perfect attire when one is out on their honeymoon, since it’s the wedding season, or in their own pool for a leisure swim. Monokinis continue to remain a big hit.
Cover-ups are a particular short/long robes that are made in many fabrics, are thin and are worn over the lingerie. These are best suited for our country and climate as they are not too over the top, cover properly, you can flaunt whatever part you want without looking obscene or too loud. These are available easily and can even be worn very easily. They can even be worn out for casual strolls. A very multi-purpose and very pretty outfit that will suit any body type and can be carried off with poise and confidence.


Another classic that has been in fashion since ages and continue to remain in is the Sarong. These are simple long cloths which can be tied in multiple ways around oneself. These are pretty perfect things to wear on a beach they keep you from the sunburns, allow the skin to breathe and yet at the same time one looks at their best. This attire can be carried off by everyone without having to worry about excess exposure.

So ladies, enjoy your holidays out at beach and remember what to carry along to sizzle this summer.

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