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Posted on Apr 12 2012 - 1:20pm by Lingerie Lover

A befitting bra would be one which holds your sexy lump in a comfortable position ensuring snugness when moving around and doing your daily chores. Often women tend to misuse this body enhancing apparel, which leads to physical discomfort. This is a classic case where the comfort maker becomes the uncomfortable.


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A so called comfortable bra should be gentle on your body while it serves its purpose. The bra straps should not put their seal on your flesh. Many women go through this, but they hardly ever make an effort to change their bra or go for more comfortable bra straps, even though there are many brands today which offer a firm yet gently acting bra strap that does not score negatively on your body.


Many times women happen to wear tight fitting bras which they feel keep their assets tucked in securely. However they do not realize the folly of these flesh digging bra straps. Tight strapped undergarments restrict the vital fluid circulation in the upper part of the body; put a lot of pressure on the shoulders resulting in shoulder pain, back pain, etc. Besides, prolonged use of such a tight strapped bra will put a permanent punch on the shoulder skin and the muscles there also get affected, as reported by many health experts.


A way around this would be to go strapless or choose your straps wisely. The strapless option is not very feasible for a full busted woman as she needs to be well supported.  So go on and choose from the various types of bra straps, which many companies manufacture today. These straps allow movement without a jiggling bust, and also help in the way your body looks when accompanied with a well-fitting bra cup.


Today bra straps not only serve the purpose of holding your bosom up gracefully but they have also become a decorative option. They come beaded, stone studded, metallic, satin and in every possible attractive way which promises comfort, confidence and fun.

- Shanti Nair


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