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Posted on Feb 28 2012 - 10:28am by Lingerie Lover

Unraveling the inception point of today’s itsy bitsy bikini, we explore its historical implications.

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It is believed that Venus, the Greco-Roman goddess of beauty and love, wore garments which resemble a bikini. Also ancient paintings on Greek pottery depict women wearing two-piece garments that don’t look much different from today’s modern bikinis.

Did you know that the name Bikini was coined after, Bikini Atoll Island, site of testing nuclear weapons? Apparently, Louis Reard who invented bikini thought that the garment that covers very little of a female body might create controversy as big as nuclear explosion. How right was he!

This small piece of clothing may be an offence to many culture centric countries like India, but as some of them say lesser the clothes the more the looks. The recent Twitter battle between the actor/model/ cricket enthusiast Poonam Pandey and Taslima Nasreen, a Bangladeshi writer shows us the same. After Poonam Pandey posed in her usual bikini self, Twitter sprung up with Taslima Nasreen’s tweet which off course weren’t appreciative of the starlet’s latest photo update.

Bikinis, especially panties were earlier worn to enable free leg movement while swimming but are now rapidly becoming fashion statement. ‘Bikini Panties’ as we call it today, are available in variety of fabrics to give you maximum comfort, but may be not coverage. Bikini panties in different colors, designs and patterns can make the jaw hit the floor! Literally. When at a beach, in a Jacuzzi, or at a pool party you can spot bikini panties frolicking in the water. Of course the face gets noticed later. Perhaps, this was the main reason for the sky high TRPs of Baywatch! Panties to the rescue!

As florid as they may sound, bikini panties are in fact soft and come in marvelous designs and artwork. Many Indian women actually prefer wearing bikini panties rather than the normal ones for every-day use. Seriously. Ask her.

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