Breast Cancer On The Rise. Women Remain Alert

Posted on Oct 22 2012 - 1:30pm by Lingerie Lover

Breast Cancer has emerged out to be one of the most prominent fatal diseases amongst females. The rate at which it is growing is a point of concern. The occurrence of the disease in India has garnered a lot of attention.  One of the most recent reports, suggest that breast cancer has increased to 11% in the last decade in young women. In elderly women, the increase is about 16% in the previous decade. 1 lakh to 1.25 lakh new cases are registered every year. Many of the breast cancers cases go unnoticed in India. Women from rural areas seldom get diagnosed and their cases are left unregistered.  It is being projected that the number would double by 2025. Some of the common reasons for the disease are childbirth at a later stage in life and limited breast feeding. Though there are some hereditary reasons too. Women between 40 and 50 are generally engulfed by this deadly disease.

Frequent researches have tried to link the wrong bra size with breast cancer but no concrete statements have been found. There is no scientific evidence to prove that wearing a bra of the wrong size can cause Breast Cancer but some theories have speculated that wearing tight brasseries can cause the lymphatic system to get blocked. This hampers normal drainage of breast lymph. Underwire bras are also said to cause the disease though there is no such evidence to prove so. Various studies in US and other developed countries have found that women wearing very tight bras are subjected to a high risk of Breast cancer. It is imperative to know that research in this context has been taken in light of diet, lifestyle, and cultures.

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