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red1Fashion is fickle – which is a good thing! Who likes the plain, boring old? And with changing fashion, even lingerie has undergone a major revamp. No longer should one call it ‘undergarments’ – the subtle hint of a colorful strap being there, the hide-and-seek is what makes lingerie so interesting. Add the extra zing to your outfits by indulging in colorful and freaky straps.

Super cute, trendy, economical – one can never go wrong with colorful straps. Buy these colorful straps from any online portal, while they are also easily available in most retail shops. Colorful straps present unending options for the fashionably adventurous.

Try mix and match – blue on one shoulder, pink on the other. Even multiple straps look cool on racer backs or with a strappy spaghetti top.  -font-b-Fashion-b-font-Fresh-Pearl-Flower-Lace-font-b-Bra-b-font-Pectoral


Find the colored straps too plain? Studded or textured straps are what you need. They add a touch of drama and luxury, without compromising on comfort.  There are plenty of options available, ranging from diamante, studs or even button studded bra straps. Wear them with your sleeveless, tube tops or racer backs. Team them with simple tops, so that the focus is on your straps ONLY.

If you plan to wear a strapless gown, and aren’t comfortable with a strapless bra, then go for studded straps. Attach these to your strapless bra and these would look like a part of your dress.


C_Bourton1398772820535f94543c989Upping the ‘fun’ quotient, we also have printed straps. These are more ‘communicative’, if you will – they define your personality a lot better than plain colored straps. When you are feeling very perky, printed straps are the way to go. Available in myriad colors and prints, take your pick depending on your mood. Animal print when you are feeling wild, florals when feeling feminine!


Try these out and indulge in the colorful pleasures!!!


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