Common Myths about Lingerie – Part 2

Posted on Feb 19 2013 - 4:21pm by Lingerie Lover

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We hope that we helped out in clarifying some of your doubts about your lingerie through Common Myths about Lingerie – Part 1. Unhooked presents to you five more myths in Part 2 that you must have either heard of or believed since a long time.

Myth 1: No underwire, no support!

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There are a few people who think that underwire bras are a complete No, No! However, some of you think that if you don’t use an underwire, there is absolutely no support. This is a wrong perception as non-underwired (soft cup) bras may not give the same amount of separation as the unwired bras, but they definitely provide uplift and turn out to be fantastic everyday bras.

Myth 2: Underwired bras can make your sagged breasts perky again

Many of you think that you could save up on your cosmetic surgery cost and other side-effects by using underwire bras for your saggy breasts. But in reality, that isn’t how it works! Underwired bras could help your breasts stop from further sagging and also give better shape and support, but by no means can it help you make your breasts perky again. Remember that, a good underwire sits right under your breasts all the way around, and doesn’t touch them at all, it only sits on the ribcage.

Myth 3: Wearing an underwire bra increases your risk of getting breast cancer

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A lot of people have claimed that bra wires increase your risk of getting breast cancer, and the fact that when women compress their breasts in a bra, their lymphatic system can get blocked and harmful toxins can be accumulated. However, medical experts, including National Cancer Institute, state that this is a baseless theory which has no facts to support it. The only reason this could be true is that a woman wears her bra so tight that it is unbearably painful. And definitely no sane person would do that to herself.
It is best advised to be bra-less while sleeping so that the usual process of cleansing, repairing, healing, replenishing and rejuvenating of the entire body can happen on its own while you are asleep.

Myth 4: Wearing a bra weakens your breast tissue

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This is another myth that a lot of people believe in. There is no research or study to support it. The only information is that our body has Cooper’s Ligaments that are responsible for supporting and shaping our breasts. In case these are torn, they can never be mended. A bra basically helps in preventing this situation from happening quickly.
On an average, your breasts weigh 5-10lbs each, which is a lot of weight pulling you forward. This is often responsible for severe back strain and headaches. A proper fitting bra can alleviate that pain by distributing the weight evenly, and creating a balance which your body needs. This is especially important for women who are busty.

Myth 5: For more cleavage, wear a bra that is too small

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Some of you might come up with the idea of wearing smaller cup-sized bras to show off your cleavage. This is absurd as a small bra size is often uncomfortable, besides causing harm to your lymphatic system and making you look bad. It also causes unseemly bulges on top and underarms. Follow Unhooked to get suggestions for the right bras that can help you show off your cleavage in the right manner.

These are the 5 myths for today; we will come back with more information about your lingerie tomorrow. Until then, read more on Unhooked.

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