Find the Link between Your Lingerie Colour and Your Personality

Posted on Mar 6 2013 - 1:41pm by Lingerie Lover

In our previous article we told you how to relate your personality to the type of lingerie that you often wear. Taking another angle to different ways of recognizing your personality, if we told you to find a link between your personality and the ‘colour’ of your lingerie, wouldn’t that interest you? So let’s see what your lingerie colour says about you…


Black:If you often dress in black lingerie, you are supposed to be a practical person who loves to look clean. Black depicts the courage and strength that lies deep inside you. It also expresses your ambitious and grave nature. If you talk about relationships, then you like to be creative and dominating but you also feel the need to be taken care of at times.  

white  1

White: If you think that you have the traits of being extremely confident, serious, calm and honest, then it is most likely that you often wear white coloured lingerie. You are probably also of the opinion that lingerie is not the only thing in the world that can attract men. Another brilliant trait that you possess is of sticking to your words and fulfilling your promises. 

blue  1

Blue: If blue tops your colour chart, then for sure you are the creative type who has a lot of talent but is often passive and does not like to show initiative.Talking more of your nature, you will probably be kind and lovely while being slightly mysterious in your relationship.

yellow  1

Yellow: Just as the colour is bright and attractive, the traits associated with it are also bubbly, loving, cheery and light-headed. But there is a slight problem attached to it, and that is the heart-breaking quality of being unfaithful.

red and green  1

Green: Someone who tends to like green would most likely be a loner or aloof. Mixing with others is not your quality and you would only let someone approach, if you require something from that person.

Red: The vibrant right red is a sign of you being crazy, strong, ambitious, furious and full of life. Women who like red often prove to be great entrepreneurs.

crimson  1

Crimson: If you are in a habit of wearing this colour often, then you would probably be of an infantile nature. You are the kinds who like to be pampered and taken care of.

We hope that Unhooked has helped you find the link between your lingerie styles, colour and your personality, so the next time you shop for lingerie you know what your choices say about you!

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