Gifting Comfort This Christmas

Posted on Dec 24 2012 - 6:35am by Lingerie Lover

Be å goód friend, present yõur besties fine lingërie this Christmas




 gift_cardÇhristmas is all about lights, decorations and gifts. Usually Christmas gifts comprise of sweets and savories. But in today’s times when everybody is so diet conscience, these gifts are more a formality than celebration. Especially when it comes to women. So this year lets be more thoughtful and interesting. Gift your girl besties some excellent lingerie which they will adore.


Buying lingerie for others can be difficult, but she is your bestie and who knows her better than you right? There are various gifting options in lingerie. Choose wisely. Always keep your friend’s preferences in mind like colors, prints, etc. We don’t suggest you to buy bra because slight error in size judgment can lead to discomfort. However it’s easy to have an estimate about your bestie’s size and buy things like corsets, stockings, Nightgowns. Hosiery , slips or girdles. These don’t need an exact size and can be bought with a rough guess. Buy good quality fabric that will be comfortable to wear. Don’t worry, gifting lingerie won’t cost you a fortune. Choose the item that fits your budget.
But if your budget is low or you just can’t understand what to buy, here is your solution. Get gift coupons and cards. Various big brands and stores give you prepaid gift cards. So you pay the amount to the retailer and buy the card. You gift this card to your friend and she can pay it in exchange for anything she buys from the store. Smart option, isn’t it? And guess what some of these cards are available online as well. You can pay online and even gift the card via email. You can buy these cards for various amounts and are easy to redeem. Some of these cards don’t even have an expiry date.
This Christmas spread happiness in the true sense. Put your money to good use and let your girlies feel special.
And yes, don’t forget to tell us about your bestie’s reactions to your gift.
Merry Christmas to you and your bestie.

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