Go Green With Eco-Friendly Lingerie

Posted on Jun 5 2012 - 11:22am by Lingerie Lover

How to look good, without costing the earth? On World Environment Day let’s talk about eco-friendly lingerie. Yes, you read correct. 


Go Green With Eco-Friendly Lingerie

Other than organic cotton, other materials such as linen, ingeo corn, organic satin, bamboo fibers, wool, recycled fibers, hemp, soy, silk, etc. are doing their bit for the environment. These fabrics not only help the environment, but also protect your body from harsh summers and cold winters. Moreover, these fabrics can be recycled and can be reused again. Lingerie made from eco-friendly material is available in India. You just need to do some looking around.

Other than supporting go-green lingerie, how do you plan to celebrate this World Environment Day. Remember, every small action counts. Oh and one more thing, did you wear green today? Just curious!

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