How to wear a bra the right way?

Posted on Aug 4 2012 - 10:49am by Lingerie Lover

We already have discussed about the mistakes that a lot of women commit in choosing a right bra. It has already been estimated that there are about 80% of females who wear the wrong bra. Needless to say, they are also wearing it in the wrong way. Women’s breasts regardless of size, need support that can only be provided by a bra. Wearing a bra is definitely a good habit; however one should make it even better by wearing it the right way and only then your bra can provide you the comfort that you long for.

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Your bra, your support!

When you buy a new bra, it always has a bright and new feeling. I am sure there are many of you who want it to look as beautiful as it did the first day when you bought it. Unfortunately, unless you start wearing your bra the right way, you would soon start desiring for a new bra.

The straps and the hook are two main facets of a bra, so you need to ensure that you don’t stretch any of it. Wear your bra gently. Ensure that you adjust the straps to its maximum length. Hook the bra in the middle hook and put the straps on by positioning your breasts into the cups by lifting them with your hand. Slowly tighten the straps to offer support to your breasts. Look in the mirror to confirm whether your bra has been comfortably fixed. Ensure that you have worn the bra in the proper position so that it remains comfortable throughout the day and gives you ample support. Also, to avoid yourself from getting into an embarrassing situation at work or college, wear your bra properly.

As bra is the most important lingerie aspect in a woman’s wardrobe, you need to be careful by wearing it the right way. This would not only help you boost your confidence, but also increase the life span of your bra.

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