I work in a BPO as a trainer. I have to wear formals every day. Being a little overweight my bra and panty lines are easily visible. How do I save myself from this embarrassing situation?

Posted on Jan 3 2012 - 11:28am by Lingerie Lover

First of all – be sure of your bra and panty size! If you are wearing the correct innerwear then you will not bulge and look stuffed. If one is slightly overweight we would recommend that you wear full figure innerwear, for example – a full panty, full figure trimmer, tummy tucker, corset, full figure bra ,cross front, minimizer  bra, etc. Now to answer your question, if one has to wear formals – ideally a minimizer bra or a t-shirt bra is best as it stops gaping holes in front buttoned shirts. For bottoms, we would suggest a full covered panty which covers the entire back or a boxer where again the panty lines are not visible. A thong or a G-string is only advised for trim and firm figured women.

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