Let’s Colour!

Posted on Feb 29 2012 - 7:46am by Lingerie Lover

Did you know lingerie in a particular colour can influence your mood? Have you noticed that all-black lacy bra transforms you into a sexy seductress? We did a whole study for you and found out that bras in certain colours can bring out different attributes of an individual.

How colours can make you feel


Lingerie by Amante

A colour that denotes sensuality, feistiness and passion; over the years, this coloured bra has been synonymous with the fashion industry. Attracting stares at times, red has always been considered as a very rich hue. Wearing a red bra will automatically make you seem haughty and impulsive. Expanding horizons and pushing limits, are some powers this hued bra lends. Universally known as the colour for giving humans an adrenaline rush, a red bra will make his heart beat faster. With a red bra on you have all the reasons to be adventurous. It could be a red bra or a sexy red pout, with red it will always be your way or the highway.


Lingerie by Laika

A colour associated with royalty; the mention of blue unanimously brings to mind the huge expanse of a water body. Giving one a larger than life feel, this hued bra has been shown to have a calming effect upon people, reducing both their blood pressure and heart rate. A light blue bra may give you a cool feeling and a dark toned bra which has implications in the corporate world, may make you feel all professional and business-like. Connected with the royal lineage, this tint depicts loyalty and exclusivity. With a blue bra on you will radiate an approachable aura. So, if you’ve got to be cool, it’s got to be blue.


Bandeau by Triumph

Epitomizing the abundance of flora, the colour green stimulates a restful, secure and balanced feeling. Regarded as a harmonizer, this hued bra will help you strike the balance between positive and negative emotions. Becoming capable of seeing both the positive and negative side of an issue, green bra adorners tend to be a little more idealistic than the rest. Apparently, this nature-inspired pigment has been found to increase one’s ability to remember things. Finally a cure! Known for its healing prowess, this bra colour is also associated with the phrase, ‘green with envy’, stating its contrasting temperament. Achieving goals and accumulating luxurious items are things that a green bra attracts. However, with a green bra on you want to be recognized and complimented for the unconventionality of your green intimates. We totally appreciate it your bra sense!


Lingerie by Sonari

The inception of human life begins with a hue known for its sensitivity. Phrases like ‘in the pink of health’ substantiate the vitality of a pink coloured bra. This hued bra will bring out your fun side. Let your hair down and spread the word of love. In tune with your femininity, your pink bra will reveal your romantic and sensual nature. Armed with a positive outlook in life, a pink bra gives the disciplined and controlled ‘you’ a well-deserved break. Coy you could be, but naivety and beauty will be enhanced by this shade. In your attempt at being girlish, do not accompany this pink bra with those done to death pigtails. Maintain your finesse while you are out there flaunting the hue. To a certain extent this coloured bra will help you achieve that youthful glow which makes you more self-reliant. By all means, wear a pink bra if you are ready to learn from your mistakes.


Lingerie by www.mylace.in

Free from worries, yellow embodies a care-free and optimistic attitude. With this coloured bra on you are bound to have a ball of a time. This bra in sun-kissed colour will accelerate your way of thinking for the future. In simple terms, a yellow bra will make you work very hard for a short period of time, which means your level of efficiency may suffer. Being ambitious, you will be driven to try out different things, as you turn into a people pleaser. Pedal to the metal, happiness will come your way as you prance through mundane life with this bra on. Brimming with new ideas, a yellow bra is known to up creativity levels. Perfectionist at times, you can become highly critical of things. You will use the power of your mind to have things going your way than by exerting physical pressure. Conceited, ostentatious and stuck-up, with a yellow bra you will be all of these but might be forgiven if your smile is as bright as this colour.



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