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Posted on Feb 28 2013 - 4:50pm by Lingerie Lover

So you know the best store, best brand and best rates for great lingerie, but when it comes to maintenance and care are you sure you know what’s best? Here are a few tips for lingerie maintenance.

keep your bra

1. Hand Wash
The best way to wash lingerie is to wash them by hand. Fill a deep sink with cold water and gentle detergent then soak. Rub the lingerie piece gently with hands and make sure that you use enough water to get the sweat and detergent out. If the bra is made of silk, lace or satin, exercise extra caution when rubbing to not pull the delicate threads out.

2. Safe Machine Wash
If you prefer machine washing then, put them in a mesh bag and drop it in to the washing machine. This will ensure that they are safe, washed delicately and are not damaged.

3. Always Air Dry
Never, ever put bras in the dryer. Instead, after washing, clip them to a clothesline or hang them on a drying rack preferably indoors. This avoids shrinkage and prolongs their life. Drying them in the sun will make their colors dull and fabric dry.

4. Store them Neat and Safe
It is good to have a separate lingerie chest, if possible. Otherwise, make room for lingerie items in separate drawers. Bras can be stacked one behind another. Storing them without crushing or placing weight on them is very important so as to not disfigure the shape.

5. Do not keep under heavy clothes
Always let the lingerie breathe do not place them under heavy clothes or other articles. The weight may crush them and disfigure the shape of the lingerie.

6. Never Put them in the Sun
When delicate bras are exposed to long hours of the harsh sun, the colors may begin to fade and the also acquire a hardness.

7. Travel Pack
Even while travelling make sure to carry the lingerie in special lingerie bags before placing them inside the suitcase. This way they’ll travel safe, remain fresh and will be easy to locate too.

wash your bra

All of us invest a lot of money in expensive lingerie. Now that we know how to maintain them right, our favorite lingerie will look new and fresh for a very long time!
Unhooked would love to know your secrets for the perfect maintenance and storage of your treasured lingerie.

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