Love Your Body And Flaunt It Right!

Posted on Aug 2 2012 - 12:23pm by Lingerie Lover

Gone are the days when eternal beauties like Madhuri Dixit, Madhubala and Sri Devi promoted a different genre of womanhood. As we all know that today’s women are influenced by media that dictates parameters of what beauty should be. As ‘size zero’ grips the fashion world, women aspire to relate with this term, given that celebrities are following and even practicing this trend. Fueling this unhealthy obsession, international magazines are busy featuring fashion icons who reveal their secrets to a perfect body which is relatively close to a size zero body.


Weight’ is the biggest issue in every woman’s life. Projections made by the media are to some extent responsible for women obsessing about unhealthy and unrealistic body images. In a world that is governed by plastic beauty women should not forget the significance attached to ‘natural beauty’. As clichéd as it may sound, your natural beauty is actually the aura of confidence you weave around yourself. This vital ingredient is everything! Disrespecting your body and blindly aspiring to look like a runaway super model, would only mean you are cheating yourself. Embrace your body; love its flaws. Remember, ‘no body’ is perfect. And perfection even on those bill boards is achieved with the help of Photoshop!

Since we are associated with such an amazing blog, we would like to broadcast a very important message.  To all the women out there, you are the real one. Regardless of your shape, feel beauty because your deserve it.

Do share with us your views about this topic. Until then, take care.

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