Mastectomy Bras: Wonder Cups For Breast Cancer Survivors

Posted on Oct 27 2012 - 6:03am by Lingerie Lover

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For breast cancer survivors who have lost a part of their identity post-mastectomy, there are mastectomy bras which bring back the wearer’s confidence. In this post, we help you unravel the benefits of a mastectomy bra and look forward to life with renewed hope.

Mastectomy is surgical removal of one or both breasts in case of breast cancer. Post breast-removal, many women refuse to go for the breast reconstructive surgery. For these women, there is an option of wearing Mastectomy Bras. These are alternative breast prosthesis specially designed to meet the needs of women who have undergone breast removal.

These bras are used to support the breast prosthesis that women wear. Breast prosthesis are silicone forms which looks like breast and has feel of breast tissue.  While using these, it becomes necessary to use mastectomy-bras which can accentuate the prosthesis. A mastectomy bra is fabricated especially with well planned and designed pocket in each cup. The silicone breast or the prosthesis is placed inside the pocket. In this manner, prosthesis is tightly held for a natural upliftment of breasts and the symmetry comes out natural. Crafted particularly for this reason, a mastectomy bra is close enough in features similar to traditional brassieres. There are multiple options available in mastectomy bras too. It might have hook at front and at back. They have great options to try on. Satin, lace and cotton are the available in these bras.

Wearing a mastectomy bra can be tricky at times but good directives can help you wear this bra with great comfort. You can go online to know the directives. Go for a certified mastectomy bra to ensure that you have safe and right size to accentuate your breast. The requirement of wearing the right style of mastectomy bra is really important. Spending a mastectomy bra filter can help you to adjust with right look. Mastectomy brassieres vary with kind of clothes worn. Different bras are used for different clothes. A professional help would be best to acknowledge the use of mastectomy bra.




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