Quick Facts About Underwired Bras

Posted on Mar 3 2012 - 2:06pm by Lingerie Lover

If your support has begun to poke and irritate you, it is time to do something about it. Yes, we are talking about your underwired bra.

Limited Collection Underwired Bra by Marks and Spencer

We performed a research over the internet and found out that many women bought underwired bras to support their breasts but later were very uncomfortable with it.

The real reason for that would be: sometimes, the wire that runs through the cup wares off the cloth and begins to poke the breast. It also sometimes causes pain. But these reasons should not let you get away from all the support and shape that you get from an underwired bra. There are ways to overcome the demerits of the underwired bra.

Some people prefer to sew the worn off part. But what it does is that it creates a lump of stitches and patch resulting it to rub against the breast. Once a bra is damaged it is unlikely that it’ll be as comfortable as it was. So better prevent your bra from damage.

It is always a good idea to hand wash an underwired bra rather than putting it in a washing machine. Your washing machine might not be easy on your bra causing more damage. Also wearing the right sized underwired bra is crucial for your bra to remain intact.

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