Say ‘I Love You’ with lingerie!

Posted on Jan 19 2015 - 11:51am by Lingerie Lover

This Valentine’s Day, chuck pink ribbon boxes and scented flowers to explore your naughty side. Instead of buying run-of-the-mill gifts, indulge your better half and spice up your love life with a lingerie gift. For him, it will be a surprise right out of his fantasies and for her, it will say a lot beyond what you may have not. Try out some lingerie tips to spice up your Valentines’ Day to make it a memorable one.


  • Girls, don’t be afraid to experiment with a racy lacy pair of bra and thongs, available in patterns and cuts to show enough, yet tantalize him for more.
  • Guys, know her favourite colour and surprise her as you buy a pair you want to see her in. Bring out your fantasy, whether it is that secret film star you covet, or dream of a wonder-woman magic. Try it as a gift.
  • Push up bra is one of the best ways to show off your assets. To make it even racy, go for a half cup, under-wired type and try on a size small for a tempting effect.
  • Not sure about her size? Play it safe by looking for elastic based lingerie or buy her a set of satin or lace chemise.
  • A stocking and garter set goes a long way and on this day of love, it will score you all the right points. Buy a set in monochrome colour and set on to play a spy film babe a la James Bond.
  • A right sized thing will not hurt you despite all the horror stories you might have heard. To get the exact right size, measure your waistaround your pelvic bones and get that waist size, the cloth will not poke and pinch.
  • Edible lingerie is a great dessert for a perfect Valentines’ Day dinner. Find a flavour that you may like and gift it to her. It tastes just like candy and she will love the experience.
  • Corset will never go out of fashion. Worried about what to wear? Buy a corset in a nude shade and go surprise him.
  • Your hips are your best assets? Go for a French cut lingerie pair that will accentuate your curves.

Do not shy away from some Valentines’ Day lingerie gifting and as they say, good lingerie doesn’t remain on you for long!

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