The Dreams And Schemes Of a Honeymoon

Posted on Feb 13 2012 - 9:10am by Lingerie Lover

(Our reader’s take on ‘Honeymoon Lingerie Shopping’. Very insightful!)

This lustful set from Triumph for V-Day!

This lustful set from Triumph for V-Day!

Today I did something very special though. I shopped for my lingerie honeymoon. I had spoken about this with Deep. Very tactfully, of course, I got him to open up his secret fantasies. Turns out he likes red and black colours, and also appreciates ‘those soft fabrics’ as he put it. Boys! They are hopeless when it comes to lingerie. Well, I thought I’d show him just how naughty I could be. He’s in for a big surprise. Wish you could see me grinning now.

Anyway, so I thought since it’s my honeymoon, I should really spice things up. Spice it up with lingerie I mean. That is exactly why I am not carrying any of my old lingerie; I am keeping it all new. We are starting a whole new life, you know. Nothing beats that. If you have ever had a honeymoon, you’d know what I am talking about.

So, there I was, at an exclusive lingerie boutique, walking down the aisles with my life-saving lingerie shopping list, working out details over and over in my mind, and smiling to myself, when my eyes picked out the first bit of sexy lingerie on my list. Nightwear! I could almost imagine myself in those. Boy was Deep in for a treat!


Nightwear for the soul by Pretty Secrets

I brought up my mental nightwear checklist. I would definitely need something short and sexy. A pink and black lace negligee with accompanying g-string underwear caught my eye. He was going to love this. However, this would have to wait till the last night. After all, I don’t want to give him sky high expectations right at the beginning. Slowly and steadily my mind focused once again on the lingerie list in my hand.

The very next thing to adorn my lingerie shopping bag was a cute cotton nightshirt with purple and black checks. Ending at mid-thigh, not only would this be sexy in a very playful manner, but also practical. I was just referring back to my lingerie list, when suddenly, out of the blue, it hit me. Roleplay! I could pick up some role-play lingerie stuff for hubby dearest.

An excited me walked quickly down the aisles scanning them with quick but thorough glances, until I found what I was looking for. The nurse lingerie costume was an extremely short pink dress with an open front. A matching pink lace bra and boxer set would really set the mood. The pirate lingerie costume, on the other hand was made up of a brown cotton knit shirt with tiny denim shorts, and, of course, an eye-patch. In the end, I chose both.


We heart this nightshirt from Juliet!

A honeymoon is not all about lazing around, you know. I’ll need some regular lingerie too. I walked up to the t-shirt bra section, selected one in light pink and one in a light shade of blue. That should do the trick. I whipped out my lingerie list and ticked off all the stuff I had got.

My tryst with lingerie for my honeymoon ends on a positive note! I was very pleased with the day’s work. I was determined to make it special and memorable, and that is exactly what it would be. Don’t envy me, go and make the most of your honeymoon. Go lingerie shopping!

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