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What Indian brides should be wearing!

Marriages may be made in heaven but lingerie is designed on earth; finding your soul mate is as important as donning the right lingerie on your wedding day. Crease out your doubts on finding the right lingerie for your wedding day and night…

An Indian wedding is usually a lengthy affair, in some cases it is lengthier than your love-affair itself. To maintain your blushing bride status quo throughout it all, you will need copious amounts of patience, good fitting lingerie and a broad smile. When planning a wedding in India, a bride-to-be will primarily fix upon their trousseau, ornaments, venue, guest list, hair and make-up artist, etc. Just when the bride-to-be is adding final touches she realizes the need to try out her wedding attire. But alas! She doesn’t have lingerie that would go well with her itsy bitsy choli. Thus, the world and its sister witnesses the inception of another ‘bridester’ (read:monster). If you have planned everything perfectly to the ‘T’ then why leave the ‘L’ factor dangling in mid-air? For all those brides-to-be who wait until the eleventh hour, we suggest you give lingerie its deserved high priority position. To alleviate wedding stress, why not buy lingerie sets that would go well with every one of your 7-day wedding festivity? In such a ‘seeking for marital bliss’ scenario, you need as much help as possible. Keeping this in mind, we hereby present ‘The Bridal Lingerie Handbook’ that will help sort out the ‘inappropriates’ from the ‘appropriates’.


Ultra Sexy Push-up bra from Bwitch

A low neckline calls for a bit of drama, what better way of achieving that effect than by creating your own visual effects (read: assets). To each his own; the ‘Silicon valley’ bra is the push- up variety that will give your cleavage a boost owning to its padding, under-wiring and contours. This bra suits small as well as big busts. However, you can settle either for a gel or a padded push-up bra. Since both the varieties serve different purposes, you need to make sure which one you will be sporting, not during but after the wedding.


Multi-way bra by Amante

Versatility is this bra’s middle name; the ‘Master Of All’ bra brings out the true potential in an undergarment. Whatever the clothing style may be, the bra will chameleonise itself leaving spectators clueless. You can use either one or both straps to play with different styles. With a multiway bra you can afford to go one shoulder, halter or racer-back. Did we say you can wear it as a regular bra too! Unlike the proverb: jack of all, master of none, this multiway bra is our Jack Sparrow and it is for keeps ladies.


T-shirt bra from mylace.in

Under a well fitted kurta or blouse which adheres to conventional lines, you can by all means wear the ‘No-fuss’ bra. Since it has smooth cups and no visible seams, choose a bra that looks rich and serves the purpose of wearing one. We suggest you invest some moolah in this one as you can wear it under multiple styles of clothing. For all you know, a branded bridal t-shirt bra may actually bring a grin on Mr. Groom’s face too!


Strapless bra from Triumph

Why hide those deep collar bones, flaunt them! We wouldn’t dole out advice about relationships but a ‘No strings attached’ bra can be worn beneath a strapless evening gown. Engineered to fit, a strapless bra usually is wired and firm on the sides, making sure that it doesn’t slip down. When purchasing this type of bra you must MUST know your right size.


One of man's best inventions, the adhesive bra!

Some blouses physically don’t have a back, not a bad thing, but you might fret at the thought of not wearing a bra under that type of a blouse especially on your wedding day. More than a physical thing, for some of us wearing a bra is more of a psychological issue. The ‘Stick with you’ bra due to its adhesive qualities will literally stick on you. This to-the-point bra has no messy tapes and straps; it sticks to your bust and stays on for a really long time. It doesn’t have an underbust band so you need not worry of any peeking toms. With this totally reusable bra, we don’t want you to be concealing that smooth shiny back anymore!

To maintain your uber stylish quotient throughout the special day, if you have time after the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, you can slip into some bridal nightwear. It will be a treat from you and him. Basically, it is nice to keep the after-hours interesting as well. If exhaustion catches up with you, we suggest you slip out the wedding trousseau and look your best in bridal lingerie itself. It’s your wedding day and you have all the right to look and feel sexy. Make sure the bridal lingerie pieces support the dress; we suggest a trial before the D-Day arrives. Shopping for bridal lingerie may seem daunting, but the smirk on his face when it all comes off is worth the trouble ;)

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  1. Seren319 June 5, 2012 at 18:48 - Reply

    Can anyone please help me, where can i get bridal lingerie in Bangalore? Either online or offline?

  2. Seren Mittal June 10, 2012 at 10:08 - Reply

    anyone active in this blog?

    • Anonymous June 11, 2012 at 03:11 - Reply

      Not sure. I did answered to your question a few days back but it is not approved for posting.

      Anyway. i personally recommend shoppers stop, lifestyle and any central store for bridal lingerie. online i think myntra, saasya and zivane have good collections.

    • Unhooked Blog June 11, 2012 at 04:51 - Reply

      We have replied to your query in the Ask Me section. Kindly refer to this link: http://www.unhooked.in/category/askme

  3. Seren Mittal June 15, 2012 at 16:42 - Reply

    Hi Guys thanks for you reply. As you have mentioned about offer. With which store do you have offer? Do you have one with saasya online store?

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