When Lingerie Becomes Your Skin’s Worst Enemy

Posted on Dec 28 2011 - 2:11pm by Lingerie Lover

If your second skin is sabotaging your wellbeing, then it’s time to nip it in the bud. Read on to find how a beautiful set of lingerie can actually keep you in itches…

This piece of indulgence from Little Lacy is Latex and Nickel free

 “Going braless is not the solution,” protested twenty-three year old Ragini, who is allergic to most items of lingerie as they all incorporate metal clasps and adjusters. Quick to respond, she adds, “I am not allergic to metal per se, but yes, nickel brings out the worst in me.” Like many, Ragini is one of those people who break out in rashes or blisters every time their skin comes in contact with nickel used in lingerie. Other components of lingerie such as latex and synthetic fibres can also be held responsible for such unpleasant reactions in some people. To make matters worse, these women are still clueless about the origin of such aversions. These victims of vanity blame their faulty diets for all the itching and burning, when actually the real culprit is sitting concealed (in most cases), under their very nose. In most cases, it is their lingerie.

In all probability, your so called ‘favourite’ bra may after all not be your skin’s favorite. This sort of a skin aversion with regards to lingerie spans through all age-groups, sizes and can be contracted by different types of lingerie. That must have set the enormity at the right level! Whether you like the wired or unwired variety, the perils of using unbranded inferior-quality lingerie lurks around the corner and could expose you to an allergy, you thought you never had.

This sky blue number from Miss-T is Latex and Nickel free

Sure, an underwire bra can pitch the breast in an uncomforting manner but wire-less cotton essentials aren’t that liberating, especially if shoddy latex is used in its making. If your epidermis is latex-intolerant then you need to be extra careful when purchasing not only lingerie but any kind of clothing that would come in direct contact with your skin. An allergic reaction such as burning is a dreadful attribute of what latex has to offer. For many of us analyzing constituents of lingerie by means of its clothing label is definitely not a shopping norm, but what happens when you become a victim of blends? The amalgamation of natural and man-made fiber may have led the apparel industry toward a positive streak of light but many consumers beg to differ. Rekha (45), mother of two teenagers, says, “With an extremely sensitive skin, even 95% of cotton in lingerie used to give me many sleepless nights.  Call me neurotic, but even my straps are 100% cotton. Luckily the Indian market offers us a wide range of cotton lingerie. For me it is cotton, cotton and more of cotton.”

    Some quick ‘dos’ to bolt lingerie allergies away

      • in your lingerie use plastic fasteners and clips, coated or painted metal, or some other metal altogether
      • use Band-Aids or duck tapes to conceal exposed metal adjusters that are present in lingerie
      • to stay cool in summers avoid lingerie made from 100% polyester, silk and wool
      •  inspect lingerie properly before you invest in them

However, it is important you allow your girls to breathe sometimes. So when at home, give your skin a break and slip into some comfortable soft cotton top and pyjamas. For all you know, this might just bring out your perkiness! *Wink*

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